Well Kept Wallet Podcast with Deacon Hayes

This is a special episode because it was recorded live during FinCon 2015 with Joe Saul-Sehy from Stacking Benjamin's and Chris Peach from Money Peach. In this episode we share how experts are not perfect either when it comes to money.

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In today's episode we have JV Crum III who became a self-made millionaire in his twenties. Today he shares tips on how anyone can create wealth if they take the right steps.

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Grant Baldwin is a Public Speaker that has spoken at hundreds of events all over the country, speaking to over 350,000 people. Today he shares tips on how to become a public speaker.

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Nick Loper is the founder of Side Hustle Nation and today he shares tips on how to find a side hustle that works for you.

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Travis Marziani is a business owner who has a unique perspective on 401k's.

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Someone writes in and asks which debt that should pay off first and I answer her question in a way that may shock you.

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Doug Goldstein is a Certified Financial Planner and the author of Rich As A King: How the Wisdom of Chess Can Make You a Grandmaster of Investing. 

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Today I share the new direction for the Well Kept Wallet Podcast moving forward.

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Dave Nevogt is the co-founder of Hubstaff, a time tracking software that helps with managing remote teams. Previously Dave ran an information marketing business in the golf niche that did well over 7 figures a year. Dave has been founding companies since 2004 with his first success coming at 23.

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Steve Economides is a New York Times best selling author of three books and is recognized internationally as a family finance expert. 

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